Please read the guidelines below carefully and send submissions for these categories to:

microreview & interview: If you have a recent chapbook or poetry book and would like to participate in a microreview & interview, send an email to the address above with “microreview & interview” in the subject box of your email. Please include a link to the book/chapbook and a small sample (1-3 poems either in the body of your email or via a link – no files, please).

poetry feature: To be featured on the Influence, send up to 3 poems to the above address with “poetry feature” in the subject box of your email. Send poems within the body of an email (no files, please). Be sure to include in your email a short bio (50 word max) and a brief cover letter that includes one sentence on how you heard of this blog.

Poems may be previously published, but be sure to include that information in the submission. Poetry features are open to all forms, from traditional forms, free verse, and also prose poems, aphorisms, haiku, etc. A good guideline is 40 lines max or up to 500 words (prose) per piece.

Also: Poems in Spanish are welcome to be submitted! Follow the guidelines above. Any Spanish-language submissions that are accepted will be published together with an English translation. If you can provide a translation for your poem please do so. We can also collaborate on a translation, which would mean me doing the bulk of the translating but deferring to the poet for questions and final say on what version of the translation gets published.

Note: Poetry features are paired with a public domain image of my choosing. Poems are also presented with commentary. Here’s a good example of what a poetry feature entails.

Simultaneous submissions are OK as long as you send a message to the email address above as soon as your submission or any part of your submission is accepted anywhere else. No payment accompanies publication beyond being featured and celebrated.

The Dennis Flinn Celebration Prize: Stay tuned for details!

Happy sending!