* chicken scratchings with Edith Slinger

Friendship – Edith Slinger

I am lonely.  Tell me a funny story
To make me laugh.
One nickel in my pocket makes no sound
But two chime against each other
And tell them they are not alone.


I have been sending poems to Edith on postcards for a few months now.  Last month, she was kind enough to send some my way.

The above poem moves me because of the way the metaphor sneaks up on you.  There is a charm to the admission in the first two lines.  The image of the nickel(s) follows it up nicely, the chime of the nickels echoes the laughter asked for above.  Both are things that are not present, or rather, only present in words.

In the same spirit of friendship, I share the poem below.  It is one I wrote and shared with Edith specifically because I was thinking of her chickens while writing it.  I’m not sure if it works in terms of the visual but I went for it.

* Rhode Island Reds, yo *
* Rhode Island Reds, yo *

@ Ode – Jose Angel Araguz

The @, so much
like the eye of
a chicken, a chicken
when it pecks @
the ground, when it
looks @ you, keeps
its head moving @
a rhythm you can’t
keep up with, the eye
is all you see:
look @ feathers, @
the foot scratching,
you feel the eye looking
@ you.


Happy scratching!



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