* sketching with Charles Bukowski

This summer I have been trying my hand at sketching, going out with Ani on walks where we find a spot to sit and sketch.

Suffice to say, I need a little (a lot!) of work.  Case in point: here is the John A Roebling Bridge connecting Cincinnati OH and Covington KY –

* suspended bridgimation *
* suspended bridgimation *

And here is what I did with it:

* the rabble at Roebling Bridge *
* the rabble at Roebling Bridge *

* ahem*

Good thing I’m not an architect.

And here is what I did to some trees:

* poemtrees *
* poemtrees *

So, yes, work.

That said, I have always been a fan of poets who sketch or doodle or whatever you might classify this bit from Charles Bukowski:

* metoo *
* metoo *

I mean, you can sense the spirit and bite of the man even in these lines.

I will continue in my efforts to get braver with the line as I know it – sketch, poetry, etc.

Here’s another example from Buk that has helped me on the way:


helping the old – Charles Bukowski


I was standing in line at the bank today
when the old fellow in front of me
dropped his glasses (luckily, within the
and as he bent over
I saw how difficult it was for
and I said, “wait, let me get
but as I picked them up
he dropped his cane
a beautiful, black polished
and I got the glasses back to him
then went for the cane
steadying the old boy
as I handed him his cane.
he didn’t speak,
he just smiled at me.
then he turned

I stood behind him waiting
my turn.


Happy waiting!



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